We’ve Moved Out!

Yes, it’s true – Stylus Honolulu has left the University-area location it has called home for six years!

Just to be clear, we aren’t open at the moment, but we are NOT closed permanently. We’ve simply decided to reorganize so we can reestablish Stylus Honolulu in a bigger, better and more convenient location. This could take a year or more, but the payoff should be well worth the wait!

Obviously, we are not buying or selling presently, but if you bookmark this page or add Stylus Honolulu on Facebook while we are on hiatus, you can keep abreast of our exciting plans as they take shape. We’ve even got designs on starting an online component to the shop in the near future. Wish us luck. We’ll see you all again in person, hopefully real soon!

 Hawaii’s Music and Fashion Exchange

At Stylus Honolulu, you’ll find youthful fashions and designer wear at thrift shop prices, plus records for DJs and collectors!
Since 2005, Stylus Honolulu has endeavored to be an affordable alternative to pricey boutiques and corporate retail outlets by offering bargain-priced new and recycled clothing and records to the trendsetting cosmopolites of Honolulu.
For a truly unique shopping experience, visit our shop in University Square, click on “What’s New” at the top of the page, or browse the site for more information



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